Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tips on Packing for a Parade

With all the amazing Mardi Gras parades boasting their beautiful floats, people are eager to get outdoors and join the fun. But before you leave your home, there may be some advice you should consider. Enjoy!

Packing your cooler:
Think about investing in a cooler that has wheels. Many times you can’t find packing nearby the parade. You will be walking, make it easier on yourself. Throw in a freezer pack or ice.

Stay hydrated and pack bottled water, juice boxes, a thermos of lemonade or iced tea. Remember a plastic bowl for the dog! Beer is a given, pack that at the bottom of the cooler so that it doesn’t squish anything.

Bring high protein food and foods that are individually packed for easy access. Pack string cheese, hard boiled eggs and yogurt. Also think about bringing whole fruits that will not spoil like apples or bananas. If you really want to take the easy route, eat street vendor food, there will probably be a long line.

Anything else to bring?
Yes! Pack wet wipes or tissues with you to clean up before/after eating. Your hands will get very dirty, and it won't be easy to find a sink and soap. Public toilets area available, but they are crowded and not usually very clean.

Check the weather forecast:
In New Orleans, it can be very warm or it can be very cold. You will be outdoors all day, so plan accordingly: wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and layered clothing.

Have a meeting place/carry a cell phone
Mardi Gras is a ton of fun, but you won’t be having much fun if you are searching through thousands of people, looking for a loved one.  Make sure everyone knows where to meet in case anyone gets lost; and give your children note cards with your name, address, hotel phone numbers, and pre-arranged meeting place on them just in case. Always talk to your kids about safety, if something does happen, make sure they know how to identify a police officer.

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