Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bohemian Modern Style

The Bohemian style gives homeowners the opportunity to create spaces that are not the norm, yet extremely creative and beautiful if you do it right. If you want to create a Bohemian space, you will want to mix a variety of different patterns and textures. This style is perfect for many because you can reuse old and forgotten furniture and accessories.

Attic Room Design Bohemian

Now what exactly does Bohemian Modern mean? Well, it's basically taking that old and re-purposed furnishing and mixing them with modern, clean lines. An example would be placing a wicker chair next to an acrylic side table or reupholstering an old bench with modern fabric.

living room decor via Rachel best blogs

What do you think about this style? Would you rather reuse furnishings or buy new?

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