Friday, April 29, 2011

Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest is already here and it is time to get your hats and sunscreen and head out to the fairgrounds.  Though Jazz Fest is all about the music you can incorporate the festival into your home.  Jazz Fest is one of the many great festivals that takes place here in New Orleans therefore it is very easy to get the great crafts and posters from the festival.  Jazz Fest has such wonderful bright, colorful posters that look great when they are framed in displayed on your wall.  In a home office or a media room they look great with neutral walls, highlighting your many memories.  Another fun way to get into the music fest feeling is to wear the festival’s official merchandise on your body. Bold and bright patterns cover t-shirts, hats, and button downs.  If you are looking to be noticed among the many crowds at the festival it is only normal that you are your crew create your very own flag to fly high at the fair grounds.  Using a nylon shower curtain, you can sew on felt fabric cut outs from templates.  This is an easy and affordable way to be noticed.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just a lil something

I am always looking for interiors and objects that inspire me and get me thinking.  Here are just some of my favorites for this week:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last minute Easter DIY's

With the French Quarter Fest a couple of weeks ago and Jazz Fest around the corner Easter has been completely forgotten.  So here are some great, fun, and easy ideas to get your Easter decorations on the roll in time for Sunday.  Using a glass jar, place colorful layers of bulk candy.  This easily creates the effect of an Easter basket.  Nestle a white chocolate bunny or lamp in the jar; also make sure to add some Easter grass to the jar.  Lastly using double-sided tape and attach a pastel colored ribbon to the jar.   If you are dining in instead of going to a restaurant then a fun jellybean carrot may be used to on each of your guest’s plates.  Simply fill clear plastic pastry bags with orange jellybeans and tie closed with green rickrack or ribbon.  This is a super easy way to dress up your table.  Another great way to design your dinner table is to make your napkins into bunny ears.  Place Daffodil candy cups around your table to add a pop of color.  And the last thing to do in preparation for Easter is to create Easter bunny garland to hang from your chandeliers.  

If you are interested in making the bunny garland that was shown in the segment right click and save this bunny template to your desktop.  Then print it out and let the festivities begin.  HAPPY EASTER


  Do you like this

Or perhaps this

Maybe this is more your taste
Or perhaps your going for something a little more modern

Well now you are able to purchase all of these wonderful items right here on our website with just one click of the mouse!  Enjoy!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Spring is here and so are new items in home decor.  Chet Pourciau Design located at 3652 Magazine Street, has an array of products that are extremely exclusive and new and fun.  From a large wine bottle chandelier to lavender that may be grown from a bag there are new and amazing things to look at and purchase.  We are carrying a new furniture line by GUS MODERN that has clean lines and is created from sustainable fabric.  Chet's eclectic taste ensures that there is something in the store for you whether your style is more traditional or simple modern we have the perfect piece for you. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There is no power like FLOWER POWER!  Men beware of what is going on.  Spring is here and it is time to inspire some floral design.  Remember when designing a room you do not want to go over board with any element.  Perhaps mixing white walls with floral curtains will do and sometimes even floral wallpaper and floral curtains.  I hope you will get inspired just as I did with some of these images.  Even if you do not decide to add anything floral to your interior at least pick a bouquet of fresh flowers for your kitchen table.  ENJOY!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

french quarter flare

French Quarter Festival has already started and I have some easy tips on how to create a French quarter inspired interior.  If you are going to the French Quarter Festival be sure and pick up a poster from this year.  This is a great and easy way to incorporate the wonderful French quarter art onto your walls.  You can frame it anyway you like.  I personally like gallery type framing.  A local artist usually produces the artwork on the poster.  Also make sure you pick other interesting pieces of local artwork such as pottery, bowls, and decorative wall art.  In French quarter homes or apartments sconces are very common for decorative lighting.  Rustic iron to polished nickel may be used for sconces.  Remember to always work with the architecture of your home. You can purchase an inexpensive sconce at several home improvement stores and produce a specific finish.   Another important factor when creating a French quarter inspired interior is your choice of fabric.  Many traditional French Quarter homes use the French basic toile as a choice of fabric.  Traditional toile is a canvas or linen that is hand painted in one color with scenes of nature.  

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Get out your gloves and environmentally friendly cleaners because it’s spring-cleaning time.  Most people know how to clean the basics but today I am here to give some helpful hints that many people might not know.  Spring is the perfect time to touch up the paint around your home.  Match your color and spruce up your walls.  Also this might also include sanding your baseboards and giving them another coat or 2 this really makes all the difference. 
Also we do not usually clean the ceiling fans every week so this is a good time to cleanse your ceilings using mild dish soap rinse the fans with water then wash them.  Instantly your air is cleaner and your fans are faster.  Another important thing to do is switch your ceiling fans on counterclockwise.  In the winter many people run their fans clockwise because it creates an upward draft, redistributing the warm air hovering near the ceiling throughout the room, thus heating your home more efficiently. Most fans have a switch on the base to adjust the rotation.
            Another must for your cleaning agenda is to vacuum the furniture, curtains and pet beds.  Your pet’s bed may be at the bottom of your list but this little bed of fur can hold odors and dander and dust.  Place it in the washer you can even have it dry-cleaned.  Dusting and cleaning your light bulbs also should be on your list.  Clean your light bulb with a wet rag but make sure to avoid wetting the metal screw base.
  Many people know that newspapers are more effective to use than paper towels but did you know that squeegees are the most effective. Use a squeegee with a mild dish soap to clean the inside and outside of your windows.  You will definitely have smudge-free windows.  When cleaning your windows don’t forget to clean your screens with a hose and soap as well.  Spring is the perfect time to update your bed linens. Replace your bedding for a quick makeover. For an easy custom duvet cover, use two flat sheets. Place sheets back to back, and sew around the perimeter, allowing for a 1/2-inch seam; leave an opening at the bottom. To close, sew twill-tape ties or velcro tape to the inside edges