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DIY Jazz Fest Flag

Jazz Fest is this weekend and many will be meeting up with friends or family. A DIY flag is the perfect way for them to spot you in a crowd. Follow instructions below to make your own Jazz Fest flag.

What you will need:

  • Flag material (I bought mine at Hancock fabrics for $8)
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors 
  • Scrap paper 
  • Pins

Cut out material into a rectangle, leaving a 1/2 inch on all sides to hem. I used a 3/8 of a yard. Hem the sides of the flag, I used purple thread so that the hemming will not be noticeable. 

Fold a large piece of scrap paper in half, sketch out a fleur de lis and cut out. Trace the fleur de lis onto a second color of fabric. I used a 1/2 yard of yellow flag material for this. 

Cut out your fabric fleur de lis and pin it to the hemmed rectangle. 

Sew around the design to keep it in place. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Succulent Terrarium

I love terrariums and wanted to show you guys how you can make your own for under $10! I had a glass fish bowl and two candle holders that I wasn't using, so I thought they would be perfect for this project.

All you need is:

  • Glass containers (already had in storage)
  • Potting soil (already had some from a different project)
  • $10 worth of succulents (I bought mine at Home Depot)
  • Random stones (found in the yard)

Fill you glass containers 1/4 full with potting soil. Arrange your succulents, throw in a few stone, and you are done. All you have to do now is water your new plants. This project literally took me 15 minutes (not counting the trip to Home Depot)

What do you think about this project?


Step Up for Children 1st Annual Gala

We had a great time at the Step Up for Children 1st Annual Gala. Check out the Jefferson Children's Advocacy Center Facebook page at this LINK

Below is the step stool Jennifer Hale and Chet Pourciau donated to the event, painted by Nadia Ramadan.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chet Pourciau on FOX 8 - Stenciling

Stencils from Royal Design Studio

 Royal Design Studio is an industry leader in designer quality decorative wall stencils, stenciling and decorative painting tools and techniques, educational resources and a leading designer and manufacturer of stencils and related products for professional decorative painters, interior designers and home decorators.

Paint from Jolie Design & Decor – Annie Sloan Unfolded

This is a US company (based in New Orleans!) for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Paint is nicknamed ‘the girl paint’ because no prep needed to create a vintage look fir furniture, floors, and cabinets – or walls

Annie Sloan herself is one of the world's leading experts in decorative paint techniques and she just completed a workshop tour of the USA  - 8 cities with 200 people at each workshop.  Her Chalk Paint has become the 'go-to' product for home d├ęcor enthusiasts and DIYers, with the blogosphere going crazy!  Why?  Because it is so easy to use and the results are so amazing.  NO sanding or priming is needed to transform old pieces of furniture, for example, into something new and wonderful.

Before beginning any stenciling project, it is important that the wall surface be prepared properly. It is best to stencil walls that are as smooth as possible. If the wall is not smooth the stencil will not produce clean, crisp designs.
Repair minor and major cracks, and other damaged areas. Cover with a fresh coat of either latex or oil-base paint. I strongly recommend flat paint. Stencil paints will adhere more readily to flat paint versus a semi-gloss paint. In high traffic areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, a semi-gloss is acceptable. If you experience difficulty with your stencil paint sticking to your base coat, lightly sand the area you will be stenciling. I do not recommend using high-gloss paint.

  •     Begin stenciling in the least noticeable corner of your room.
  •     Position your stencil and secure firmly in place, using either spray adhesive or masking tape. If you are using spray adhesive, apply a light layer of adhesive to the back of the stencil, allow to dry until the surface becomes tacky, then position your stencil. If you are using masking tape, two small pieces are usually sufficient depending on the size of the stencil.
  •     Pour a small amount of paint on a plate or palette, about the size of a quarter. Dip just the tips of your bristles into the paint. With a circular motion, remove excess paint on a paper towel until the brush is "dry". Too much paint on the brush causes blotchy designs.
  •     Remember - stenciling is a "dry" brush technique. The most common mistake is overloading your brush. It is far better to build up the color gradually, layer by layer, instead of one thick paint application. If paint begins to seep behind your stencil or if your designs do not have crisp defined edges, you are using too much paint

You can use a pillow case you already have, or you can make your own. Below is how to make a drop cloth pillow: 
All you need is:
  • Drop cloth ($11 at Lowes) This will make about 5 pillows!!!
  • Stencil
  • Stencil brush or a roller
  • Fabric paint
  • Scissors

  1. Cut 2 squares 1 inch larger that your pillow on all sides. (if you want your pillow to be 18”, then cut a 20” square). 
  2. Wash and iron the drop cloth squares  and lay them out on a large work surface. Make sure you lay down some cardboard or plastic so that your work surface will be protected. 
  3. Position your stencil and use tape to secure it in place. 
  4. Use a stencil brush paint on your design.  DO NOT USE A LOT OF PAINT
  5. Carefully lift up the stencil and let the paint dry.
  6. Sew the squares together to make your own custom pillow

After your stenciling project, your paint palette, stencils and brushes can all be cleaned with soap and warm water. Careful cleaning and drying of your stencil brushes will enable them to be used again and again

Chet Pourciau on FOX 8 - Fashion Week NOLA Top Design Winner

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kitchen Space Saving Tips

It can be difficult to have a small kitchen, especially when you have children or guests. Here are some space saving tips to make life a little bit easier. 

If you do not have enough storage, think about installing a pot rack. The one pictured above has a built-in shelf for added storage. 

If you have open shelves, think about buying and labeling bins. Things will be easier to find and your kitchen will look neater. 

When storing food in cabinets, think about using square, clear containers. You will be able to see exactly what you have and they will give off an organized appearance.

No space for an island? Buy a cart instead.

white kitchen
Mirrors as a back splash? It could make the room look bigger.

red-stained kitchen cabinets
If you have high ceilings, try stacking cabinets. Store items that you rarely use (like a turkey platter). Keep a step ladder nearby.

Hope these tips help! Do you have any other kitchen space saving tips for us? Leave us a comment below. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Drop Cloth Stenciled Fabric

This is such an easy DIY project, and extremely inexpensive. All you need is:
  • Drop cloth ($11 at Lowes)
  • Stencil
  • Stencil brush or a roller
  • Fabric paint
  • Scissors
Wash and iron the drop cloth and lay it out on a large work surface. Make sure you lay down some cardboard or plastic so that your work surface will be protected. 

Position your stencil and use tape to secure it in place. 

Use a stencil brush or a roller to carefully paint on your design. 

Carefully lift up the stencil and let the paint dry. 

Now you can use your custom material to make pillows, curtains and anything else!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Chet Pourciau on FOX 8 - Earth Day Fest

Earth Day Fest

We wanted to give a special thanks to the artists and vendors who were featured on Chet's Fox 8 New Orleans segment this morning. Below is some more information about them.

Bergeron Woodworks 
Since 2000 Bergeron Woodworks has been creating unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade furniture, frames and furnishings from recycled lumber. Their lumber is collected from historic New Orleans area renovations, tear downs and salvage yards

Check out his website for more beautiful pieces

Mermaid's Purse Natural Organics 
They use 100% all Natural, Organic, & Vegan Friendly ingredients to create Personal Care products for healing and therapeutic purposes. Many of their products are made fresh upon order. They offer an extensive line of Herbal Soaps & Shampoos, Polishes & Scrubs, Healing Ointments, Bath Soaks, Essential Oils, Synergy Blend Massage Oils & Butters, Botanicals, Hydrosols, Maternity Care and functional Pottery Wares

I LOVE their pottery! 

Flower Power Gift SetMedium Seashell Dish
Check out their website at for more of their fantastic products 

Their bamboo tees are made from luxuriously soft bamboo, the most sustainable crop on the planet. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial with thermo control properties. It's hypoallergenic and moisture wicking. Their shirts carry environmental and social awareness messages.


NOLA Girl Onesie

Check out their website at for more of these soft Tees 

Mario Padilla 

Born in Colombia, Mario had been painting in New Orleans for five years until he was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. He then completed a Masters of Fine Arts at the prestigious New York Academy of Art in Tribeca, Manhattan (2008). After a six-month escape to Colombia after graduation where he taught an advanced course in Aesthetics in the Philosophy Department of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (his alma mater), he is now finally back in New Orleans with his own Studio/Gallery on the popular Magazine Street in uptown New Orleans.
Sexy China sculpture, Mario Padilla

The boss, Mario Padilla

Check out his website at  for more of his creative works of art. 

There will be many more artists and vendors at the festival, not to mention some fantastic musicians! I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flor Carpet Tiles and Pantone Color of The Year

Chet Pourciau Design is pleased to announce we are now carrying Flor carpet tiles. What a better way to add a pop of color to your space than with Flor carpet tiles.

At Chet Pourciau Design we’re big on infusing your interior with bold color. So we were thrilled when Pantone™ announced their 2012 Color of the Year as the ever-so-vibrant Tangerine Tango.

From couture on the runways to standout upholstery in living rooms there is no shortage of this dynamic color to be found.

Orange is a color that can be a bit intimidating to incorporate into the design of your interior. It’s a statement color that, properly applied, has the ability to lift and energize a room.

It’s the modular nature of Flor tiles that we think allows Flor to be undaunted by such a rich and vital color. 

As always, you’ll see some mixing and some matching; and hopefully you’ll see how you, too, can leave that old song and dance behind and bring some color into your lives. It might take two to tango, but no matter the size of the crowd, anyone can Tangerine Tango.

For more information on Flor Carpet Squares contact Chet Pourciau Design at 3652 Magazine St New Orleans, LA.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chet Pourciau on FOX 8 - How to decorate for Spring

Check out Chet's Segment on FOX 8 New Orleans! The segment was about how to decorate for Spring.