Friday, November 26, 2010

5 hot Gifts for this season

Are you searching for a unique holiday gift item for some of your friends and family this year?  This can sometimes ruin the holidays, while stressing over the perfect gift.  Well stress no more.  We have found the top 5 holiday interior gifts for you this year.  Small decorative glass ornaments are the perfect treat for any person.  We have some made by Studio inferno, which are made by a variety of local artists.  Secondly, we have small hand blown glass bowls and other decorative objects.  This makes such a wonderful gift because it can take up space the shelf all year round.  Another fun and interesting present to give this year is a decorative box.  Neiman Marcus and other luxury stores are selling these.  You can use them as jewelry boxes and even storage.  I have also found some great eco-friendly little gifts from a local boutique called the Occasional Wife.  A great way to stop using plastic is to get a glass water bottle that your friends and family can use over and over.  The Pick Your Nose party cups are also environmentally cautious and are so much fun.  And Instead of using paper gift wrap, place your gifts in a Planet Green Envirosax bag.  These fun decorative bags can fold into the size of a handkerchief and can carry up to 40lbs.  Many celebrities have been seen toting them around such as Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker and Queen Latifa. They come in a variety of motifs and colors and are fantastic for everyone. 



Last week I talked about festive Thanksgiving decorations but right after dinner I usually start thinking up my Christmas decorations for the interior and exterior of my home.  Personally I like to do DIY decorations instead of store bought decorations because it’s more cost effective and its more fun for the family.  This year create your own eco friendly Christmas tree for your yard by using dead branches and wood and stacking them like a tree.  Then to decorate the tree use natural berries, leaves and other branches.  Place LED Christmas lights all over your eco-friendly tree.  After Christmas is over you can then use the wood as firewood.  Another way to light your lawn for the holidays is to recycle or up cycle used glass bottles and place LED lights in them.  Make a glowing path to your front door for your guests.  Another fun and environmentally friendly way to decorate your home is to use a foam sphere and add fresh or faux winterberry sprays for a vibrant pop of red.  Anchor the branch trunk in foam wedged into a sturdy flower pot.  Secure the top to the trunk using firm downward pressure.  You have instant Christmas-like tree to frame your front door.                      

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Decoration

Can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here this year.  To welcome your guests into your home make buy or make a festive thanksgiving inspired wreath to place on your front door.  Use fall colors such as oranges, burnt yellows and browns to enhance the wreath.  Real or faux leaves may be used to complete your wreath.
The busyness of the holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t put together a table setting that is pleasing and makes your guests feel welcome.  Thanksgiving dinner is a time to slow down and enjoy your family and friends.  Always try to create a warm and welcoming mood for you guests to enjoy.  When setting the table for your Thanksgiving feasts try and use autumn colors to brighten up your table.  Stick to oranges, burnt reds, burnt yellows, browns and olive greens.  To put a unique touch, put place cards on the plates for your guests.  Another fun idea for place cards is to attach the standard card to a pear or other small seasonal fruit or vegetable, such as a mini pumpkin.   Use colored chargers underneath your china to give it that extra pop.  To give your table a festive feel sprinkle leaves between plates to adorn the table.  Evenly space large candles in stylish holders to add warmth to your table.  Opt for you and your guests to use more sophisticated linen napkins at your table.  Place beautiful goblets of berries and sweets around your guests to add color as well.  Use a cheerful table runner and or tablecloth to make your table more dynamic.    

Friday, November 5, 2010

Gambit's 40 Under 40

Chet Pourciau, 38Owner, Chet Pourciau DesignPhoto by Cheryl Gerber
It's easy to imagine Chet Pourciau — dapper, friendly, down-to-earth — as the host of a design show on cable TV. A self-described "Cajun boy" who grew up in New Iberia and majored in communications at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Pourciau moved to New Orleans in 1995 to study interior design at Delgado Community College. Today he owns his own company, Chet Pourciau Design on Magazine Street, and has a weekly segment on the Fox 8 Morning News as a rebuilding expert. He'll soon debut his own TV show on WLAE-TV, where he'll dispense advice and answer viewer questions.
In his spare time, Pourciau sits on the board of the New Orleans Recreation Department and is a member of the NO/AIDS Task Force. He's also active with the Forum for Equality and HIV/AIDS hospices.
"I'm trying to go national and take my career to the next level, but New Orleans is always going to be my home. I'm all about giving back, and I don't want to seem unapproachable," says Pourciau, adding that he's inspired by the dual acting/designing career of fellow Magazine Street business owner Bryan Batt. "I make sure people know good things come out of New Orleans." — Allman

Making your guestroom more inviting

Sometimes it isn’t very easy entertaining and hosting guests at your home.  Here are a couple of tips that may help you out when guests are at your home for the holidays.  Using picture frames that you already have put decorative wallpaper or wrapping paper in the frames to give them a unique and festive feel.  Make an inviting display of shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and candles for your guest to use while he or she enjoys their stay.  Monogrammed bath towels and hand towels add a touch of elegance to any guest bathroom too.  Display a new bathrobe for your guest with a nice note will help welcome them into your home and make them feel more comfortable as well.  Place fresh scented spa like candles in the guest room to put your guests at ease.  Always have fresh linens on the bed for your guests to use as well and spray them with a light fragrance to help them smell nice.  These tips are very easy to do and helpful during the holidays.