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All you have to do is comment below and tell us why you and a friend should win the tickets. The six best stories of your own interior design experiences will win 2 tickets each! Make sure your email address is included in the post. Hurry because the event is March 2-4! We hope to see YOU there. Event details below.

NEW ORLEANS, LA ---There’s no place like home! After a one-year absence due to the renovation of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the New Orleans Home & Garden Show, the largest consumer home show in the southeastern United States, returns on March 2-4, 2012. The New Orleans Home & Garden Show is like no other, bringing an unparalleled variety of home-related services and products under one gigantic roof with everything needed for home remodeling, green building, decorating and landscaping. 

This year’s theme is “From The Dome To Your Home,” and reflects one of the show’s main features– a behind-the-scene tour of Dome renovations with a focus on lessons homeowners can incorporate into their home projects, renovations or construction. Whether it’s lessons in energy efficiency, interior designs for better traffic flow or new materials such as flooring in high traffic areas – it’s chock full of lessons for homeowners.

Other highlights of the show this year include:
Ø  Cast Iron Chefs Stage: delectable cooking demonstrations by the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group’s most popular chefs.
Ø  The High Tech Pavilion: Building or buying a new home? If you don’t include the wiring and technology you’ll find here into your home plans, in only five years your home will be obsolete. Sponsored by Sader Power, this unique area of the show will feature several rooms of a home with each room highlighting new, innovative features.
Ø  Let’s Make An Energy Deal: During this game show held once each on Saturday and Sunday, answer questions about energy efficiency and win gift cards for fabulous, new Energy Star appliances courtesy of Entergy New Orleans. Returning this year by popular demand isHGTV star Jim Parks. During each game show, 50 audience members chosen from show visitors who answer preliminary questions correctly can advance to the final round. Every audience member will also get a special gift courtesy of Entergy New Orleans.
Ø  Sportsman Paradise in the Dome: Come meet with the area’s most engaging outfitters, guides, camp and boat folks to find out the path to a paradise that’s so close to home.

SHOW DATES      Friday          March 2          Noon – 8 pm
& TIMES               Saturday       March 3          10 am - 8 pm
                              Sunday         March 4          10 am - 6 pm

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bohemian Modern Style

The Bohemian style gives homeowners the opportunity to create spaces that are not the norm, yet extremely creative and beautiful if you do it right. If you want to create a Bohemian space, you will want to mix a variety of different patterns and textures. This style is perfect for many because you can reuse old and forgotten furniture and accessories.

Attic Room Design Bohemian

Now what exactly does Bohemian Modern mean? Well, it's basically taking that old and re-purposed furnishing and mixing them with modern, clean lines. An example would be placing a wicker chair next to an acrylic side table or reupholstering an old bench with modern fabric.

living room decor via Rachel best blogs

What do you think about this style? Would you rather reuse furnishings or buy new?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Guest Blogger: Old. New. Blue. owner, Janie Glade Picks her Best and Worst Dressed from the Oscars

Best Dressed: This was a tough call, but I based my picks on how well the dress looked on the actress, how well the accessories accented the dress, and whether the overall style would be remembered as a red carpet "best of" standout five years from now.

1. Octavia Spencer: The actress wore Tadashi Shogi to the Academy Awards. Octavia looked amazing in this dress. The design was perfect for her figure. The soft gathers into the middle of the dress accentuated her hour glass figure. The color of the dress wasn't overpowering but rather complimented her skin tone and beading was simply elegant old school glamour. Her accessories were a pair of art deco diamond chandelier earrings and an embellished Judith Leiber clutch. Overall the look was stunning! Exactly what a movie star should look like at the Oscars.

2. Viola Davis: Viola Davis' emerald green strapless Vera Wang gown looked beautiful on the actress. The embellished but not overstated bodice coupled with the elegant pleating of the skirt made the dress a knockout. The eye catching green color made the dress stand out among the sea of well dressed women on the red carpet. Ms. Davis accessorized her dress with emerald and diamond chandelier earrings, a diamond cuff bracelet and a crystal studded clutch.

3. Milla Jovovich: Elie Saab designed the one shoulder beaded white dress that Milla Jovovich wore to the Academy Awards. The dress was beautifully detailed and reminiscent of the days of Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. Ms. Jovovich wore her hair in a contemporary version of a 1920's finger wave which added to the overall feel of the outfit. She accessorized with diamond drop earrings, a matte silver clutch and a HUGE diamond ring!

Worst Dressed: I based my opinion on the same three criteria stated above, how the dress looked on the actress, how well the accessories accented the dress and whether or not the dress would be remembered as a "best of" in the next five years.

1. Melissa McCarthy - Marina Rinaldi did no favors for Melissa McCarthy with this dress. The color was unflattering, the cut was unflattering and the overall style... unflattering. It's never a good idea to put an empire waist with a soft full skirt on a full figured woman. There is no line to follow and it makes for a round appearance. However, Ms. McCarthy did have some stunning accessories. Her shoes were Swarvoski crystal encrusted peep toe pumps and she carried the matching crystal clutch.

2. Emma Stone - When you have red hair you have to be very careful about the shade of red clothing that you wear. Emma Stone's Giambattista Valli's red dress simply did not work on the actress. Not only was the color of the dress in competition with her hair, the dress was entirely too old for the Emma Stone. This look was unappealing and way too stuffy for such a young, beautiful actress. Ms Stone accessorized with Louie Vuitton earrings and a Louie Vuitton clutch. Overall the entire look was nothing to write home about.

3. Rooney Mara - Rooney Mara's Givenchy dress was ill fitting and unbecoming. The pale white dress looked lost against the pale white skin of Ms. Mara. The bust line and the back of the dress looked unfinished with the exposed zipper. Rooney wore her stark black hair slicked back in a low bun which did nothing to feminize the look. She wore no accessories except red lipstick. She looked like a ghost and really got lost in the crowd. A totally uninspired look with no WOW factor at all.

About Janie Glade: Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans, Janie started her career in special event planning at the age of 23 in the sales office of the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel. In 1998 Janie started “An Event to Remember” and began planning special events across the United States on a full time basis.
After Hurricane Katrina, Janie opened “Weddings by Janie Glade”. In August of 2011 she expanded her Wedding Planning services to include a partnership with her daughter Marylyn Rigby and opened Old.New.Blue, a Wedding Necessities Boutique and Gift Shop on Magazine Street in Uptown.

FOX 8 - Valentine's Day Tea

Valentine's Day was almost two weeks ago, but that doesn't mean that you can't treat your significant other to a romantic tea date. Check out Chet's segment (below) for some easy and inexpensive tips.

Panna Cotta:
3/4 teaspoon of powdered gelatin
1 1/4 cup milk
1 1/2 tablespoon light brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon of flavor of your choice (rose water, almond extract, etc.)

Add a tablespoon of water to the gelatin. Warm the Mille and dissolve some milk in the gelatin. Combine this mixture with the remaining milk, brown sugar, and salt. Pour into glass dishes and refrigerate overnight, ad enjoy!

Molten Cake
1 stick of butter
3oz of semi sweet or dark chocolate
2 yolks
2 large eggs
1 cup of powdered sugar
1/4 cup AP flour

Preheat oven to 375.
Melt the chocolate and butter together. Mix the eggs together.
Add the powdered sugar to the chocolate mixture.
Add the eggs. Add the flour and mix until just combined. Place mixture in greased, oven proof ramekins (cups).
Wait until you are ready to eat the cakes and bake them at 375 for 9 minutes or until the edges of the cake begin to set. The center should still be soft/ jiggle when shaken. Invert on a plate and enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

FOX 8 - What's your design style?

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all recovering nicely from a fantastic Mardi Gras season. I just wanted to remind you to check out FOX 8 Live (channel 8) tomorrow at 8:15am. The segment will be about finding your design style and what category you will fit under. Chet is bringing some great items to the station, so watch and learn!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY Valentine's Day Rose

If you don't want to go out and buy roses this Valentine's Day, here is a perfect alternative. You would never think that the rose below is actually made out of melted spoons. Follow the instructions below to make your own spoon roses. 

What you will need:
  • Old/used clean plastic spoons
  • A candle
  • Scissors 
  • Paint
  • A well ventilated space 
1. Hold your spoon over the candle until it's shape changes. Make sure you are in a well ventilated space. 

2. Cut the handle off of the spoon. Now you can hold that end over a candle to get is melty and then stick the petals together. You could also use glue. 

3. Paint your rose. Enjoy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Spice & Tea Exchange

We wanted to give a special thanks to Robin from The Spice & Tea Exchange for letting us use your items on the FOX 8 Live morning show! Check out her business by clicking on the link.

The Spice & Tea Exchange is located at 521 St. Louis Ave., Suite 1 NOLA 70130
If you have any questions about all the delicious teas and spices, call the business at (504)598-5689

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Day Romantic Date

That day of the year is coming up when we all try to make the day special and unique for a loved one. Local interior designer Chet Pourciau and pastry chef Nate Winner will be in FOX 8 Live New Orleans tomorrow morning at 8:10am to show you how to create a romantic and cost effective Valentine’s Day date for that significant other. 

If you are unable to watch the segment, I still wanted to give you some ideas on creating that perfect date. First of all, who said you have to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 14th? It would be a much bigger surprise for a loved one if they woke up/came home to a table perfectly set up for a tea date. You might be asking yourself, exactly how can you get this accomplished? Well here's how!

  • Sneak out of the house before she/he wakes up or comes home and buy her/his favorite finger foods and sweets at a local bakery. You can also find yummy foods at some supermarkets, just plan ahead and order in advance. 
  • Gather everything on the checklist below and put it aside ahead of time in a discrete location. If you don't have everything on the list, just improvise. 
  • If you have a table outdoors, think about setting up outside (if the weather is ideal.) This will allow you to make more noise while setting up.
  • Brew the tea and set out those finger foods. Enjoy!
  • Table cloth, tea linens, napkin rings
  • Tea kettle
  • Tea set (cream pitcher, sugar bowl)
  • Tea cups, saucers and teaspoons
  • Small plates and silverware
  • Dessert Plates
  • Serving Plate and spoons
  • Flowers or other center piece
  • Finger foods, dessert, tea, honey, sugar and creamer/milk
What do you think the perfect Valentine's Day date would be? Would you like your significant other to set up a tea date? Leave us a comment below and tell us about your perfect date! 

Coffee and Conversation

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Leather Masks

I LOVE these masks! They are so easy to create too. Follow the directions below to make your own one of a kind Mardi Gras mask. 

What you will need:
  • Tracing paper/film
  • Scrap paper
  • A pencil
  • A piece of 6oz. leather
  • A bowl of water
  • An exacto knife or leather scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Polyacrylic spray

1. Sketch out your own mask on a piece of scrap paper.

2. Trace one side of the sketch you made with tracing paper or film. Now fold the paper in half and copy what you just traced on the blank half of the paper. Confusing I know! You must do this because you want a symmetrical mask.  

3. Now you can transfer your mask stencil onto a piece of 6oz. leather. Look for leather dealers locally or buy online for a deal. 

4. Use an exacto knife or leather scissors to cut out the mask. Be extra careful with this, you don't want to cut yourself or make unnecessary cuts in your leather mask. 

5. Soak your cut out mask in water for 1-2 minutes until you can easily mold it. Hold it up to your face for a perfect fit. Allow your mask to dry overnight. 
6. Paint your mask with acrylic paints and decorate it with feathers and jewels. You can spray it with a polyacrylic spray to preserve your piece of wearable art.

DIY Beaded Fluer De Lis

This fluer de lis is the perfect as a Mardi Gras decoration. But since we live in New Orleans, we can get away with displaying it all year. 

What you will need:
  • Foam core or cardboard
  • Newspaper (and a lot of it)
  • Box cutter
  • Packing tape
  • Clear drying glue
  • Hot glue
  • Mardi Gras beads (all the same shape/size) 

1. Cut out a fluer de lis out of newspaper. Fold the newspaper in half so that it is symmetrical. 

2. Trace the cut out onto foam core or cardboard (anything you have around the house)

3. Use a box cutter or exacto blade to cut it out.

4. Ball up newspaper and tape it to the cut out. You can ball up as much newspaper as you want to make more of a relief. 

5. Now you can start gluing Mardi Gras beads onto your masterpiece. Use hot glue to adhere beads on all the edges. I like to use hot glue in the beginning because it dry quickly, although I would not use it for the whole project because it doesn't hold as well as other glues. You can use any clear drying glue to adhere the rest of the beads onto the fluer de lis.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tips on Packing for a Parade

With all the amazing Mardi Gras parades boasting their beautiful floats, people are eager to get outdoors and join the fun. But before you leave your home, there may be some advice you should consider. Enjoy!

Packing your cooler:
Think about investing in a cooler that has wheels. Many times you can’t find packing nearby the parade. You will be walking, make it easier on yourself. Throw in a freezer pack or ice.

Stay hydrated and pack bottled water, juice boxes, a thermos of lemonade or iced tea. Remember a plastic bowl for the dog! Beer is a given, pack that at the bottom of the cooler so that it doesn’t squish anything.

Bring high protein food and foods that are individually packed for easy access. Pack string cheese, hard boiled eggs and yogurt. Also think about bringing whole fruits that will not spoil like apples or bananas. If you really want to take the easy route, eat street vendor food, there will probably be a long line.

Anything else to bring?
Yes! Pack wet wipes or tissues with you to clean up before/after eating. Your hands will get very dirty, and it won't be easy to find a sink and soap. Public toilets area available, but they are crowded and not usually very clean.

Check the weather forecast:
In New Orleans, it can be very warm or it can be very cold. You will be outdoors all day, so plan accordingly: wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and layered clothing.

Have a meeting place/carry a cell phone
Mardi Gras is a ton of fun, but you won’t be having much fun if you are searching through thousands of people, looking for a loved one.  Make sure everyone knows where to meet in case anyone gets lost; and give your children note cards with your name, address, hotel phone numbers, and pre-arranged meeting place on them just in case. Always talk to your kids about safety, if something does happen, make sure they know how to identify a police officer.

Longue Vue Tea for Two

We have already blogged about this amazing event, but I wanted to share the professional photos with you too.
(The first three photos are of Chet Pourciau Design's table setting)
 Opening reception for the Tea for Two exhibit at Longue Vue House & Gardens

Opening reception for the Tea for Two exhibit at Longue Vue House & Gardens

Opening reception for the Tea for Two exhibit at Longue Vue House & Gardens

Opening reception for the Tea for Two exhibit at Longue Vue House & Gardens

Opening reception for the Tea for Two exhibit at Longue Vue House & Gardens

Opening reception for the Tea for Two exhibit at Longue Vue House & Gardens

Opening reception for the Tea for Two exhibit at Longue Vue House & Gardens

You can view more photos by clicking the link