Friday, May 31, 2013

New Paintings at Chet Pourciau Design!

We love these new paintings that just got in! The artist's name is Bekye Fargason. Bekye applies layers of plaster, metallic leaf, waxes, oils, acrylics and natural materials to create canvases that are heavily textured, highly luminous and sensitive to changing light.

These pieces are swamp themed! Perfect Louisiana Art.

Atchafalaya Reflections 48" x 60" $5,000

Atchafalaya Reflections 24" x 36" - $2,200

Atchafalaya Reflections 24" x 36" - $2,200

I love how the light reflects off of these.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#IntDesignerChat May 28 Topic: Summer Cottage Style – Fabric, Colors, and Furniture

This is a great article from Interior Designer Chet - LINK

Summer has arrived, and that often means a summer cottage design is one of our design projects.  From a beach cottage,  a bungalow cottage, a little house in the big woods,  a lake house, or mountain cabin cottage we’ll be discussing designing for clients cottage retreats.  Get ready to talk furniture, antiques, fabric, color, accessories, treatments for walls, windows,  and accents to play up the inherent coziness of a wonderfully snug designed cottage retreats.

(, Stacey Brandford)  Sarah Richardson, interior designer and host of HGTV’s Sarah’s House,  family’s cozy summer cottage kitchen.  Read more: HGTV Sarah Richardson Cottage Makeover
Sarah Richardson, interior designer and host of HGTV’s Sarah’s House, family’s cozy summer cottage kitchen.
What decorating tools do you need to turn any cottage into an everyday getaway?

Cottage Bedroom

How do you bring the outdoors into cottage design?

Window Seat

How do you design cottage coziness into  your design work?

BHG Dog cottage

What color choices and fabrics are you recommending for  your Cottage designs this summer?  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fox 8 - Memorial Day Party Ideas

Check out the link below to see Chet's FOX 8 segment on Memorial Day party ideas!

Click on this LINK 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day and Fourth of July DIY T-shirts

Instead of buying a pricey tank top or t shirt this Memorial Day, you can use this paint method to make your own patriotic wearable art. Follow instructions below to make your own.

What you will need:

  • Tank top or t shirt
  • Fabric spray paint from an arts and crafts store
  • Painter's tape/ stickers
  • Cardboard/ old folder 

Lay your tank top on a flat, protected surface.

Take card board or an old folder and put it inside of the tank top.

Now you can start your design. I decided to make a flag inspired tank top.

Once everything is taped, you can start spraying. 

Let dry for about half an hour.

This is my favorite part! Start pulling off the tape and see what you get!

Now that I finished the red stripes, I started with the blue part.

I cut some stars from used Avery labels. You can just buy stickers if don't want to do this step.

Tape off blue area and spray.

Let all paint dry over night.

Love! Patriotic and wearable!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


After being glued to our computers and cell phones all day, this sofa seems to fit right in with most our lifestyles. The QWERTY sofa by ZO loft is playful and comfortable due to the individual motorized keys that can be adjusted. I would love to sit on this! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Champagne Party

 Come join us today for the Magazine Street Champagne Stroll at Chet Pourciau Design. We are located at 3652 Magazine St. New Orleans 70115. We have refreshments and cookies already set out.

If you can't make it, check out the photos below to see our favorite products to make your own champagne party!

 Each flute is blown from the clearest glass and has a hand-carved "ice" finish to complement a cool cocktail or drink. Heavy glass bases anchor the stems. A slight luster finish on the carving reduces fingerprinting and adds allure. Find these beautiful flutes at this LINK

Polished Stainless “x” Bar Cart W. Mirrored Shelves. Find this bar cart at the following LINK.

These disposable linen cocktail napkins are perfect for any party or outdoor event. Best thing is that you won't have to worry about ruining your good linens! They can be washed up to five times as long as the stains are light. They come on a roll and in a wide array of colors and sizes. 
find these party starters at this LINK

We hope to see you today!