Friday, November 26, 2010


Last week I talked about festive Thanksgiving decorations but right after dinner I usually start thinking up my Christmas decorations for the interior and exterior of my home.  Personally I like to do DIY decorations instead of store bought decorations because it’s more cost effective and its more fun for the family.  This year create your own eco friendly Christmas tree for your yard by using dead branches and wood and stacking them like a tree.  Then to decorate the tree use natural berries, leaves and other branches.  Place LED Christmas lights all over your eco-friendly tree.  After Christmas is over you can then use the wood as firewood.  Another way to light your lawn for the holidays is to recycle or up cycle used glass bottles and place LED lights in them.  Make a glowing path to your front door for your guests.  Another fun and environmentally friendly way to decorate your home is to use a foam sphere and add fresh or faux winterberry sprays for a vibrant pop of red.  Anchor the branch trunk in foam wedged into a sturdy flower pot.  Secure the top to the trunk using firm downward pressure.  You have instant Christmas-like tree to frame your front door.                      

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