Friday, November 26, 2010

5 hot Gifts for this season

Are you searching for a unique holiday gift item for some of your friends and family this year?  This can sometimes ruin the holidays, while stressing over the perfect gift.  Well stress no more.  We have found the top 5 holiday interior gifts for you this year.  Small decorative glass ornaments are the perfect treat for any person.  We have some made by Studio inferno, which are made by a variety of local artists.  Secondly, we have small hand blown glass bowls and other decorative objects.  This makes such a wonderful gift because it can take up space the shelf all year round.  Another fun and interesting present to give this year is a decorative box.  Neiman Marcus and other luxury stores are selling these.  You can use them as jewelry boxes and even storage.  I have also found some great eco-friendly little gifts from a local boutique called the Occasional Wife.  A great way to stop using plastic is to get a glass water bottle that your friends and family can use over and over.  The Pick Your Nose party cups are also environmentally cautious and are so much fun.  And Instead of using paper gift wrap, place your gifts in a Planet Green Envirosax bag.  These fun decorative bags can fold into the size of a handkerchief and can carry up to 40lbs.  Many celebrities have been seen toting them around such as Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker and Queen Latifa. They come in a variety of motifs and colors and are fantastic for everyone. 


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