Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Drop Cloth Stenciled Fabric

This is such an easy DIY project, and extremely inexpensive. All you need is:
  • Drop cloth ($11 at Lowes)
  • Stencil
  • Stencil brush or a roller
  • Fabric paint
  • Scissors
Wash and iron the drop cloth and lay it out on a large work surface. Make sure you lay down some cardboard or plastic so that your work surface will be protected. 

Position your stencil and use tape to secure it in place. 

Use a stencil brush or a roller to carefully paint on your design. 

Carefully lift up the stencil and let the paint dry. 

Now you can use your custom material to make pillows, curtains and anything else!


  1. What brand and color of fabric paint did you use? I've been looking for a fabric exactly like this to make table runners for my wedding but have come up with nothing! It looks like if I do this then I can save time, money, and frustration. It's EXACTLY the color and design I've been looking for!

  2. Hi Danielle,

    I used a fabric paint from Michaels Art and Crafts - Sorry, not sure of the brand. It is in the screen printing section of the store. It hold s up great!

  3. Hi Ashley,

    These stencils are from Royal Design. See the link: