Friday, April 29, 2011

Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest is already here and it is time to get your hats and sunscreen and head out to the fairgrounds.  Though Jazz Fest is all about the music you can incorporate the festival into your home.  Jazz Fest is one of the many great festivals that takes place here in New Orleans therefore it is very easy to get the great crafts and posters from the festival.  Jazz Fest has such wonderful bright, colorful posters that look great when they are framed in displayed on your wall.  In a home office or a media room they look great with neutral walls, highlighting your many memories.  Another fun way to get into the music fest feeling is to wear the festival’s official merchandise on your body. Bold and bright patterns cover t-shirts, hats, and button downs.  If you are looking to be noticed among the many crowds at the festival it is only normal that you are your crew create your very own flag to fly high at the fair grounds.  Using a nylon shower curtain, you can sew on felt fabric cut outs from templates.  This is an easy and affordable way to be noticed.  

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