Saturday, April 9, 2011

french quarter flare

French Quarter Festival has already started and I have some easy tips on how to create a French quarter inspired interior.  If you are going to the French Quarter Festival be sure and pick up a poster from this year.  This is a great and easy way to incorporate the wonderful French quarter art onto your walls.  You can frame it anyway you like.  I personally like gallery type framing.  A local artist usually produces the artwork on the poster.  Also make sure you pick other interesting pieces of local artwork such as pottery, bowls, and decorative wall art.  In French quarter homes or apartments sconces are very common for decorative lighting.  Rustic iron to polished nickel may be used for sconces.  Remember to always work with the architecture of your home. You can purchase an inexpensive sconce at several home improvement stores and produce a specific finish.   Another important factor when creating a French quarter inspired interior is your choice of fabric.  Many traditional French Quarter homes use the French basic toile as a choice of fabric.  Traditional toile is a canvas or linen that is hand painted in one color with scenes of nature.  

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