Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Accessorizing Your Coffee Table

Keep it personal

Make sure what you have on display shows off your personality and design taste.

 Display you favorite books or items. Do you like elephants? Display one!


Consider scale and height. Use books, bowls and natural items that are different sizes to give interest and flow
One trick is to arrange accessories in groups or multiples of three

Ground the items

Small items are better displayed on a tray so that they do not look cluttered

You can also place items on stacked books to give height and ground. 

Go with a theme

Different colors and shapes can work together if there is a common theme

Go with a color

If items have the same coloring, even unusual finds can work with each other.

Consider organic items like flowers, succulents or even fruit.

Add some bling

A bit of bling (silver or gold) can draw the eye in and make your coffee table pop

Do not overcrowd

Even if you have some beautiful antiques, try not to clutter
Sometimes a single item is enough of a statement

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