Friday, May 20, 2011

Mixing Patterns Successfully

            Patterned sofas, pillows, rugs, and curtains are always fun and can be the inspiration behind an interior room design but the question is how do you mix patterns successfully?  Well I have some wonderful tips on how to multiple different patterns together in a room.  First try and start with a solid wall color.  It is always easier to work with a solid color because that way the patterns are not overwhelming in the room.  Also you never want things to be too matchy matchy such as having the same pattern of wallpaper on the sofa and the 2 side chairs.  Make sure you play with the scale of the patterns. Use a larger pattern on a sofa and use layer the sofa with pillows that incorporate a smaller pattern.  It is all about layering upon layering.  You want to make sure that the patterns don’t get visually lost in one another.  Using different scales of pattern creates movement in the room as well as balance.  An easy way to add smaller patterns is in throw pillows and seat cushions on chairs.  Save the larger and bolder patterns for sofas and rugs.  Try and keep all of your patterns in the same color intensity.  If you are using bold colors then stick with other patterns that use bold colors.  Personally I would not use bold colors and pastels together.  You want your room to flow.

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