Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bently's Great Finds

The main hot trend this spring is mixing the outdoors with the indoors and doing this with new and interesting items.  By using items like these, your interiors will become current and stylish also making it eclectic.  With this trend, it's also important to remember to be green and eco-friendly.  

My name is Bently Graham and I am a decorator and a friend of Chet Pourciau's and I am going to talk to you about a couple of wonderful products that will help you achieve these hot trends:

1.  Recycled Newspaper Pillows, Place mats, and trash cans- These make a great statement because they help the environment by being made with recycled newspaper.  The pictures on the items are usually pictures of natural things and of the outdoors.  So this adds a new way of bringing the idea of the outdoors in.  
Newsprint pillow
Newsprint placemat

Newsprint trash can

2.  My Drap-These linen napkins are a fun way to liven picnics and outdoor parties up. Instead of using paper napkins, these linen napkins add an indoor element to the exterior.  They come in all different colors, which can add to your party's theme.  
My drap linen napkin.  Available in various sizes and colors.

3.  Gold and Silver Books-These decorative books are made from recycled books.  The spine of the book has been covered in a metallic gold or silver finish.  These books give a glamorous statement while keeping in with the environmentally friendly aspect.
Gold recycled books

Silver recycled books

4.  Recycled Mirror-These recycled mirrors are made from found farm equipment.  This is not only an eco-friendly aspect, but it also keeps in with the aspect of being natural indoors with it's rust spots.  These would look great in any room adding a new design twist to your space.  

5.  Terrariums-These recycled glass terrariums are perfect for bringing the outdoors in.  Just fill them with air plants or anything else found in nature.  They add a fun and interesting element to any room.
Large Terrarium

Small hanging Terrarium

6.  Carve Vases-These vases are made from a stoneware.  The design on these vases have a texture that's found outside.  So, this is again keeping with bringing nature into your home.  
Curved Carve Vase

Carve Vase

All of these items may be purchased online at http://chet-pourciau-design.myshopify.com/ or at 
Chet Pourciau Design
3652 Magazine Street 
New Orleans, LA 70115

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