Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day

This weekend is memorial weekend, which is usually spent relaxing with families and barbequing in the outdoors.  For those of us who will be spending time with friends and families in the backyard I have some wonderful ways to decorate your dinner table while celebrating Memorial Day.  One great way to decorate your outdoor dinner table is to make DIY pom poms that your can use as a into jars, cakes, or cupcakes.  Using bamboo and ribbon this instantly adds fun patriotic flare to the table.  A fun candy centerpiece is another great way to glam up your outdoor décor.  Using candy, a square of cellophane, twisty ties and skewers you instantly have an edible and incredible candy centerpiece that will be a unique focal point.  Lastly you can create your own star glasses and also use them as party favors for your guests.  Using a template and paint you can easily transform any glass or plastic cup into a memorable gift.  

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