Monday, May 16, 2011


Almost everyone now days has a large flat screen television that takes up half of their wall space in their home.  We are going to show you how to cohesively livea and design around technology that isn’t always appealing to the eye.  An easy fix to blend in the large and sometimes unflattering television with your interior is to make it look like a picture.  Surround your tv with other portraits and framed pictures on your wall.  A brighter wall color also sometimes helps merge the two.  Larger accessory pieces such as vases and candleholders help to provide more a balance between the television and just a wall.  Adding shelving also eliminates the tv as being a focal point.  Hiding your speakers on shelves among other accessories pieces also helps out a lot.  Also these days keeping up with technology can almost be a fashion trend. Try and use interesting laptop covers and cases to hide your computer when you’re not using it.  

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