Monday, July 26, 2010

The New Orleans Design Awards

Some think that floral can only be feminine and girly but it really depends on exactly how and what you pair it with. Larger floral prints seem to be less frilly and also more modern. Floral prints on pillows and throws also can be more masculine if paired with a dark gray or brown wall. Darker colors always appear to be more “manly” also try greens, blues, and dark purples. This way the floral is just an accent piece and not taking over the entire room. If you are looking for something to place on your walls besides just paint then try a black and white framed photograph of flowers, if the photograph is zoomed in on the flower this helps the image to look abstract and interesting as well. Colorful floral print wallpaper can also add a graphic element to your walls that other motifs and patterns can’t. This is more of a modern twist that is very affordable and can take a once girly idea and make it masculine.

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