Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Achieve a Bohemian Look in Any Room

Bohemian-inspired rooms have a distinct draw, most likely thanks to the comfortable, lived-in vibe they give off. Fortunately, a Bohemian look is one of the easiest and least expensive styles to achieve, so use some of these d├ęcor tricks and create a new-old look!

Mix things up. Combine furniture pieces from different styles and periods. You can mix eclectic pieces to create a cohesive, rich look. Remember that each piece could stand out on its own, but instead you’re grouping them together to make an entire setting. In the photo shown to the left, the nightstand, chair, and chandelier are all statement pieces that would stand out on their own, but mixed together, they create a wonderfully Bohemian look!

Texture, texture, texture. Bohemian style is all about updating an old look, so embrace worn and weathered pieces, especially wood pieces. You can consider painting some pieces and stripping others. And of course, if you have exposed brick walls or wood floors, take advantage of these gems!

Get personal. Mix prints and patterns, depending on your personal favorites. If you want to create a well-traveled feel, use ethnic rugs, throws, and tapestries as shown in the photo below. If you feel more whimsical, opt for a canopy in the bedroom and add gilded and iron accents with mirrors, frames, lamps, and candlesticks. Also play with photographs, artwork, and books to incorporate your personal style.

Throw them off.  Get creative and add an element of surprise like we see with the mounted antlers in the photo above. You can also think of new ways to use old furniture pieces, such as this cabinet as a bathroom vanity. 

When trying to achieve a Bohemian effect, throw out the rulebook and keep in mind that changes can be just as subtle as adding new knobs to wooden drawers and adding Boho chic accessories!

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