Friday, July 9, 2010

Designing your own Home Spa

Hey Guys, 
Everyone likes a trip to the spa but going weekly or even monthly can get expensive.  What if you had a spa in your very own home?  With small changes to your bathroom you can create a spa like atmosphere for you to relax in.  Opt for a lighter paint color for your walls.  Try pale blues, light mint greens, light grays, and of course a white or off white.  The same thing goes for the shower curtain.  A light colored canvas material looks amazing as a shower curtain and can brighten up your space.  Try to not clutter your bathroom with too many accessories on the walls and counter tops.  Large simple prints placed on your walls will help to soothe and relax.  Also to enhance some spa-like features, customize your shower with steam options and showerhead and wall and wall-mounted sprays, though always opt for the water-saving fixtures such as energy star products.  Warming drawers in the bathroom are becoming more and more popular these days.  With warming drawers you can get out of the shower and wrap a warm towel around your body just like you’re at your favorite spa.  Some items that help create an atmosphere resembling a home spa that we have in our showroom are the environmentally friendly potpourri by Hillhouse Naturals called Purify.  At Chet Pourciau Design we also sell Wild Cotton all natural bath salts and glycerin soaps which are created by Rain.  Some other great items from Belladonna are the bath salts, candles, and lotions by Elizabeth W in a lavender scent which helps relax and soothe you in your bath.  Light colored prints and accessories are also great for the bathroom such as this silver print from Source and the translucent glass dish from Dwell will add sense of serenity.  



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