Friday, July 30, 2010

How to Stencil

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Stencils are a great way to achieve an interesting motif or design on a wall or piece of furniture without spending much money and over time it can easily be painted over and wall papered over as well. The great thing about stenciling is that you can create your own stencil by drawing a stencil by hand; using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create one or you can even buy one from a craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Figure out exactly where you want to stencil on your wall and envision how it will look on your entire wall. Make sure the surface to be stenciled is clean and painted with a non-glossy paint. You should always practice before you actually paint directly on to the wall. Lightly mark the area to be stenciled to coincide with guidelines on the stencil. Blot off excess paint onto paper towel until your brush is “dry” and seems almost out of paint. Place overlay of your stencil in correct position and adhere to surface using repositionable adhesive spray. Hold your brush as a pencil with bristles flat on surface and handle straight. Start at the outside edges of the cutouts and paint in a circular clockwise motion toward the center. Hold your stencil with the other hand. Begin with a light touch. Now reverse direction to a counter-clockwise motion, building up your color. You control the color in 2 ways-the amount of pressure applied on the brush and the number of times you go over an area of the design. Lift the stencil corner and check the color before removing the stencil.



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