Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stripe It!!!!

Spring 2013 for fashion and home is all about black and white stripes. We love stripes here at Chet Pourciau Design because it brings movement and drama to a room. Stripes are also a universal print that can be used in anything and anywhere. From vase to walls stripes can be incorporated into your design very easily. Stripes can hide flaws in your interior however they can also change the space perception. Wider horizontal stripes make the room looks bigger. Using black and white stripes creates a high contrast between the stripes which creates a more complex and jazzy they look. Vertical thin stripes make the walls look taller. Stripes can be painted or found in wallpaper. If it’s too costly or difficult to do then it is better to stripes in fabrics and upholstery around the interior. Striped pillows, rugs, furniture, curtains, bowls, vases, bedding, plaids, coverlets, and even lighting can add boldness to your design. The great thing about black and white stripes is that it works with almost any scheme out there. Not all stripes are straight. Zebra print can add luxury touch to your interior design. Mirrors or mirrored furniture is great for stripes because of the reflected pattern creates a greater sense of depth.

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