Saturday, February 2, 2013

Books, Books, and more books

While recently in a vintage and used book store the owner told me there are two two types of book lovers.  The first are voracious readers who always have a book with them and buy a new book before they finished with their current book.  The second are book collectors, people who love books because they are beautiful and remind them of certain times in their life.  Well I have a confession to make, I am a book collector who buys books for their beauty. I admire books for their beautiful covers and history.  I love to display them so I can see them each day. I uses books as props for coffee tables, nightstands, console tables and the list goes on. A collection of the right books can add to a design... Sounds crazy but trust me. The best place to get great books at the best prices is a vinatge/ used book store or often libraries will have sales of books they no longer wish to keep. One of my favorite book stores here in New Orleans is McKeown's Books at 4737 Tchoupitoulas St. In honor of all the book collectors out there, I've put together a compilation of my favorite libraries and bookshelves. Enjoy. 

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