Saturday, December 18, 2010

Upcycling your Wrapping paper

In this economy most people opt to not have the gifts professionally gift-wrapped but I have some fun and creative ways to wrap your presents this year without spending a lot of money.  Some items that you will need are regular brown packaging paper, newspaper, acrylic paint, and any type of ribbon or string.  A good thing about gift-wrapping your own gifts is that you can up cycle other materials such as attaching a small pinecone or leaf to a ribbon.  After wrapping your gift, use acrylic paint-to-paint decorative objects on the paper.  To add a personal touch you can even paint the name of the recipient and decorate the gift accordingly.  Another fun touch is to attach feathers, glitter, buttons, and straw or grass to the ribbons.  Gifts can really help or hurt the d├ęcor of your interiors.  If you have a themed Christmas try and work in that theme to your gift wrapping so everything looks cohesive.  


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