Friday, December 24, 2010

last minute diy gifts

If you’re like me sometimes the holidays can be a blur.  Rushing from party to party and buying gifts can make your wallet go flat.  So I have some DIY last minute gifts that are easy and affordable for everyone.  First, everyone loves candles so you can decorate your own candle.  You can use clip art or even old wrapping paper.  Get a design, whichever you chose, spray it with 2 coats of clear varnish, letting varnish dry between coats.  When decal is dry, cut to desired size and soak in a bowl of water for about 1 minute to loosen the paper backing.   Carefully remove decal from water, and apply it to candle, peeling off backing as you go.  Smooth decal with a paper towel, eliminating air bubbles and excess water.  Let dry for approximately 3 hours. Another fast and easy idea for a gift is gift cards.  But to dress your gift card up you can create gift card holders.  You can turn wide ribbon into pouches and grace oversize gift tags with ribbon pockets.  Purchase precut tags with grommets from a stationery store.  Cut a 3-½ inch length of wide fabric ribbon.  Fold each cut end under by ¼ inch; glue.  Sew bottom and side edges to tag to form pocket.  Tuck gift inside.  It’ so easy and cute. Impress friends and family with gifts dressed up in thoughtful holiday gift boxes. These handmade packaging ideas not only offer a beautiful presentation, they'll be cherished long after Christmas is over.  Give cardboard jewelry boxes a ruby-slipper-inspired makeover and you won't even need wrapping paper. Brush the tops with acrylic paint to cover the label; let dry. Apply craft glue, and then sprinkle on glitter in the same shade as the paint. For extra sparkle, finish with metallic ribbon or embroidery floss.  Put a little present such as construction paper that you have converted into one of a kind stationary.  Draw the recipient’s name on the top of the card stock or construction paper and photocopy it on all the others so he or she has their own personalized stationary.

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