Friday, December 10, 2010

upcycling holiday decor

7 Ways to Upcycle Your Holiday Décor

1.    1.  Use left over ribbon and gift wrap along with pine cones and other greens to create a beautiful and unique holiday inspired centerpiece that you can use on your table and even on your mantle

2.    2.  Spray paint small clay pots and saucers any metallic color and use them as coasters and or little candleholders that create a festive feel for your guests.

3.   3.   If you have left over lights, string lights onto some of your potted plants in the house and in your yard to add just a touch of glamour.

4.   4. Instead of having family portraits or other prints hanging on the wall, take them down and warp them with ornate and whimsical gift-wrap so they look like presents hanging on your walls.  This is especially fun for children.

5.   5.  If you have a chandelier in your dining room or in any other room in your house, hang glittery festive ornaments to enhance the holiday décor.

6.    6.  Get a Christmas ornament and take the top of it out and put a little wather in it and place a small flower in the ornament.  Place this next to a plate if you having a dinner party.

7.    7.  Go to any type of grocery store and buy a small cleaning brush that is usually used to clean bottles.  You can get any color.  Dip the brush in glue and roll it around in glitter.  You can also use a hot glue gun to glue on other decorative objects.  You instantly have a delicate little Christmas tree for side tables and coffee tables.

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