Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Decorating With Not-So-Subtle Neutrals

Whether you want to soften a room or accentuate bolder pieces, consider playing with a neutral color palette. Creating a neutral space doesn’t mean the end result will be a boring room- -neutral rooms can have just as much flair as their colorful competitors! Below are some ideas for decorating a neutral room full of personality.

Know when less is more. You don’t want overstated color or patterns to take away from dramatic architecture or a stunning view. Use these gems to your advantage like we see in this room shown here.

Little details can make a huge difference. Whether you want to showcase a vintage collector item, bold light fixture, or dramatic artwork, remember that a neutral palette will provide the perfect backdrop.

Create your own theme. If you want to give your room an antique feel, pair a weathered coffee table with an upholstered Victorian chair. If you’re feeling more nautical, opt for wicker furniture or throw pillows with bold stripes. And keep in mind that neutral doesn’t just limit you to white and beige- -subtle shades of navy, yellow, or red can also give your room an elegant feel.
Play with texture and shape. When using neutrals, you have plenty of freedom to experiment. Notice the bold geometrics and different textures in the room shown here. The cylindrical lighting and angular coffee table seamlessly complement the weathered mantle and upholstered chair.

Go green! Plants and flowers always add an extra touch to any room, and they can provide the perfect accent.

Some neutral paint color ideas.

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