Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Garden Inspiration

Now that it's finally fall in New Orleans, I can't wait until the weather is decent enough to spend time outdoors. I wanted to post some inspirational photos of some smaller scale outdoor projects.

patio table
With all the trees that fell with hurricane Issac, these outdoor side tables are 100% doable!!! Just cut logs to size, clean and lacquer! You could also dig out one of the stumps and create a mini planter. 

Firepit with openings at the bottom for airflow and keep feet warm!!
I love the idea of having openings at the bottom of a fire pit to keep your feet warm.

replace the center board with a metal gutter for an in-table beverage chiller
Replace the center board of a picnic table with a metal gutter for an in-table chiller. 

Cute light source
Create these balls of light by simply buying two globes for light fixtures from a second hand store or home improvement store. Use Christmas tree lights to light them up. 
This is what they look like during the day time. Too cute!

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