Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's Your Design Style?

Timeless Traditional
Comfort, plush surroundings, rich materials collected treasures. Technology and modern conveniences are concealed to preserve the old-world aesthetic of your home.

You love traditional lines, yet you like the updated and easy appearance of the contemporary style. Use colors that evoke a clean and tranquil atmosphere. You like to use a mixture of accessories from drift wood accents to crystal embellishments

Simplicity, sophistication. Showcase space rather than items. Sleek and fresh

You love vintage items, and the mix of color and texture that comes with items of the past. Some may call  you eclectic because you like anything from the past. Bright colors

You like classic lines in an updated fashion. A mix of lavish materials, timeless details. Hand crafted rich texture and ruffles.

 Global Flavor
You are inspired by other countries and customs. You always try to bring a piece of your travels home with you. You like texture, natural elements international colors

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