Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guest Blogger of the Week - Ryan Frosh

Four Feng Shui Tips for your Living Room

Whether or not you believe in the power of Feng Shui, your living room can still probably benefit from it. Feng Shui is all about balance, and every interior designer knows that balance is key. No matter how your living room is designed, incorporating elements of Feng Shui can improve the overall energy and feel of the room. If you’re interested in Feng Shui as a part of your comprehensive interior design efforts, read on. Here are four, simple Feng Shui tips for your living room:

1. Turn sofas and chairs toward the door.

According to Feng Shui principles, it’s bad luck for a couch, sofa, or chair to have its back turned to the main door in the room. So, you may want to consider readjusting the positions of your furniture, if doing so doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of your living room.

2.  Place plants in the corners of the room.

The corners of your living room are probably the darkest spots in the area. According to Feng Shui gurus, placing plants in these areas will increase the flow of energy to them and help balance out the room as a whole. Additionally, the tasteful addition of attractive plants to your living room will add a touch of nature to the room that can be of great visual benefit from a designer’s standpoint.

3. Keep the living room table neat and clutter-free.

 Even if you’re not too interested in Feng Shui, keeping your living room table tidy is important. A table covered in magazines, books, papers, and cups can detract from the overall design appeal of your living room. A cluttered table simply isn’t attractive. So, keep it neat.

4. Don’t make the TV the central focus.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that electronics should never be a room’s main attraction. If your TV is in the center of the room, consider moving it to the sidelines. Additionally, desktop computers should be moved to the side of the living room as well.

Getting your living room up to par in terms of Feng Shui isn’t difficult. Consider trying out the tips above, and you might be amazed by how the energy of your living room is positively affected!

Author’s Bio: Ryan is a guest blogger who writes about real estate trends, interior design, and Eastern philosophy. She is currently working on professional projects that involve Austin Texas homes for sale, Jarrell homes for sale, and bay window prices.  


  1. Nice blog and the articles are nice and perfect to understand. the pictures of the living rooms are too beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting about feng shui - there is so much to learn about this! I've got this linked to my feng shui post too today, thanks again!