Friday, December 16, 2011

Painting your Walls Gray

It seems that gray is the new white when it comes to decorating. I wanted to give you some advise when using gray on your walls. I love to work with gray paint because it works with so many coordinating colors while still remaining neutral.

When using gray paint, I would suggest using a flat finish, not a semi gloss because it can sometimes look too industrial if there is too much of a shine.

Another trick of the trade is bringing in a lot of different kinds of light sources such as table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and sconces. These fixtures give your space warmth and versatility because of all the lighting options.

I like to use pops of color with gray, especially with accessories that you can change out throughout the year.

Thing about using a wallpaper instead of paint for a textured look.
Bathroom with paisley wallpaper

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