Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day

            Valentine’s Day is on Monday and if you are stressing over money issues then it’s time to resort to your creative side.  Instead of handing money over to the big corporations make all of your gifts and decorations yourself.  Make this a DIY Valentine’s Day.  To dress your interiors incorporate the color of 2011 honeysuckle and pair it with a vintage red, whites, and silvers.  Glass accessories in this color are always a great option to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.  Valentine’s Day can really be all DIY when it comes to decorating and gifts.  Design your very own heart-inspired jewelry box using wrapping paper and ribbons.  To keep in the green fashion, give a seed starter as a gift this year.  Recycling the seeds to help the planet.   Create a heart shaped collage of pictures of you and your significant other on a wall in your home to show him or her how much you care.  Place small tea candles in red glasses to instantly set the mood.  For a romantic touch take out the original matting in some of your picture frames and replace it with decorative lace.  

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