Saturday, February 26, 2011


Rebuilding the city and community of New Orleans is a one step at a time process. Chet Chat is contributing to all aspects of the community in a big way. Each month non-profit organizations will be chosen to receive a one-room make over by Chet Pourciau and his design team.
There are so many facilities in our city that need our help in the rebuilding and renovation process of their buildings. Using only local stores and merchants, Chet Chat stimulates our local economy and gets the community involved. Each show the clients are interviewed about the space and asked what is needed to make it as useful as possible for that organization. As the process moves forward, the Chet Chat show uncovers the generosity of a community rallying up behind these organizations and many donations from local merchants are received. The experience and the journey each organization goes through are truly heartwarming and extraordinary.
Basing the team’s designs on the needs, functionality, and beauty of the space, Chet Chat unveils the beautiful transformation of the space at the end of each show. Rebuilding and believing in these vital organizations of New Orleans is what the Chet Chat show is all about.

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