Saturday, January 29, 2011

6 Ways To Enhance Your Entry Way

6 Ways to Enhance an Entry Way

§    Define the space with a bold color:  Bright colors seem more inviting and engaging.  Yellows, greens, and oranges tend to pick your guest’s interests.
§    Using a runner draws your guests easily into your home:  If you do not like the thought of placing a rug in that space you can easily paint a decorative one on the floor.
§    Create some type of wall display to ignite interest:  You can use mirrors pictures, or even empty picture frames to create something that is visually stimulating.  If your entry way is darker than you would like it be try putting a well-placed mirror on the wall to try and trap the light in that area.  Putting a mirror in a small space will also trick you into thinking that area is larger than it appears.
§    If you have a little nook in the foyer, tuck in a table and a chair to give it a cozier feel.
§    Table lamps and other lighting options are important to set a mood in your space.  Select a table lamp that you like and place it in the space to cast an inviting glow.

§    To create a glamorous first impression hang a chandelier 8.6’ above the floor in the entryway.  

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