Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Rule of Three

Just as lucky as seven, the number three is so popular it has made its way into almost every aspect of our culture, including interior design. Many people rely on the number, believing that objects in threes are more appealing and memorable than objects grouped in other numbers.

In interior design, the rule serves as a tool in building progression and creating drama. A grouping of threes can alter the aesthetic flow of a room and can determine the focal point and balance as seen by an observer. In the photo to the left, the lamps bring symmetry to the wall by making the mirror the focal point. Something even as simple as grouping photos, framed prints, or shelves in threes brings balance to a wall space by instantly creating a collection.

The rule of three also applies to furniture, especially when creating a sitting or dining area. Seating arrangements with three pieces of furniture add harmony to a room, as shown in the photo below. The chairs on both sides of the chaise create the gentle boundaries of this sitting area, while the wall sconces draw attention to the entertainment center.

So whether you’re decorating an entire room or just a small space, remember that you can achieve balance and harmony by simply following the rule of three!

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