Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jazzfest Flags & More

T-1 day until the second weekend of Jazzfest 2009 kicks off! Are you as excited as myself and the hosts of ABC 26's Good Morning New Orleans? If not, hopefully this guide to making your own flag will get you in the spirit!

Flags have become sort of an art form at Jazzfest...people fly them proudly to say who they are, where they came from, and they are excellent tools for keeping track of where you set up camp!

In the spirit of recycling and upcycling, I'm suggesting that you use materials you already own such as old sheets, t-shirts, etc. Paint whatever creative design you'd like on your flag with acrylic paints. To make a flap for the pole, you can use a stapler (make sure you staple the top shut, or else your flag will slide down!)

Check out the step by step process in the segment below!

Also, as I mentioned yesterday, I highlighted several artists and featured local and visiting artists. These included some glasswork, belt buckles, and painted scarves. There is A LOT of Louisiana flair in these pieces, like water meters, fleur de lis, crabs, and oysters.

So make sure you get out to the Fairgrounds this weekend and pick up some art of your own to take home or give as a gift!!! These are affordable and timeless pieces that will help you treasure your memories at Jazzfest...

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