Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Please Donate to Belle Reve!

A current project of mine that I’m very excited about and would love continued support for is the renovation of Belle Reve New Orleans. Belle Reve provides permanent and transitional housing as well as support services for individuals and families living with AIDS or HIV-related infections. Opened in 1993, Belle Reve was the first facility of its kind to exist in Louisiana and since has expanded to an additional location, Belle Esprit.

Both facilities were impacted by Hurricane Katrina and are still in the rebuilding process. While the structures are almost completed, Belle Reve is lacking furniture and other accents that make it feel like home. I have been donating my time to help with a design scheme, and in the coming weeks, donations will be needed to obtain the furniture and various other items.  Aside from donations and monetary contributions, volunteers are needed to help paint, move furniture, etc. For more information on Belle Reve and Belle Esprit visit their website.

Please consider giving your time and resources to this cause, I promise it will be a fulfilling experience!

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