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Home Staging Article from New Orleans Magazine

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Here is an article on home staging that may be of interest to you! It is from New Orleans Magazine this past November...

Home Staging: The Key to Selling a Home in Today's Real Estate Market

New Orleans, LA – November 19, 2008 – As the current economic situation remains uncertain, the real estate market, in particular, is in an especially precarious situation. Many current homeowners can no longer afford their homes and are looking to sell quickly, but are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their properties. This crowded and competitive housing market can be a seller's nightmare, and many times the key to selling a home lies in differentiating it from the crowd. 

'Home staging' refers to the concept of making a home more attractive to potential buyers by making relatively minor cosmetic changes. 

"The ultimate goal of home staging is to minimize the amount of time your house is on the market while maximizing the amount that it sells for. Staging can allow a homeowner to emphasize or highlight the best aspects of their home while downplaying its flaws, and can lead to a very positive first impression on potential buyers, " said Chet Pourciau of Chet Pourciau Design. 

Home staging provides a competitive edge for those looking to sell quickly and at the right price, and is often what sets apart a house that sells from a house that sits on the market.

While staging might initially seem like an unnecessary expense, there is overwhelming evidence proving that it works. Studies have shown that home staging often adds a significant amount to property values, with even the most minimal of investments in staging netting huge returns. In a 2007 Home Gain Survey of over 2000 realtors, it was discovered that sellers who spent as little as $500 on staging services for their home recovered over 343 percent of the cost in the sale of their home. In fact, according to a recent report by the office of U.S. Housing and Urban Development, a staged house sells, on average, over 17 percent higher than an un-staged house.

"Using just a few simple staging techniques can make a real difference in getting your home sold," explains Pourciau. Changes such as cutting down on clutter and personal items, painting rooms neutral colors, increasing curb appeal with basic landscaping, and using the appropriate-sized furniture for each room can have a huge impact on how potential buyers see a house. Hiring professional home stagers who are aware of housing and design trends and are well versed in 'what sells' can provide a significant advantage as well. 

Chet Pourciau Design is a premier interior design firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. Chet Pourciau attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Delgado Community College where he received an Associate of Arts degree in Interior Design. He has been featured in several publications including New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, Gambit Weekly and The Times Picayune Wish Magazine. Chet is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. For more information, visit www.chetpourciaudesign.com.

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