Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gallery Wall Ideas

A gallery wall is an easy way to display loose art or photos that you have collected throughout the years. There are a few ways to display a gallery wall:

Same Color

Keep all frames the same color. Even though your art and photos are all different colors, they will all work together because they are all framed in the same color.

Same Size

An easy way to display photos is to keep all the frames the same size. This way, you don't have to think about placement.

Horizon Line 

This technique works well with frames that are all different sizes or if you have a narrow/long wall. Hang frames so that they all follow the same line.

Picture Shelf

Similar to the horizon line technique, this is a great way to keep your wall looking neat and tidy.

Cover the Whole Wall

Use large pieces to cover the whole wall. Walls look taller if you hang art higher.

In the Corner

Do you have a bare corner? Or not a lot of wall space? Install your gallery in the corner.

On an Angle 

 15 Gorgeous Gallery Wall Ideas
This is not a technique that is used a lot. But it can look quite striking with the right pieces.

The Eclectic Wall

You can use all different sizes of art and frames. Make sure to keep the same amount of space (usually 2-3 inches) around every piece for a cohesive look.

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