Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A New Kind of Wood Floor

Wood floor tile has been gaining popularity over the past year. Mostly because of durability and being able to achieve a classic look. Most tiles replicate a real-wood look by using ink-jet technology. Before you say that you would never go with this option, here are some advantages:

  1. While wood can crack due to expansion in wet environments, such as kitchens and basements, these tiles will resist all moisture. 
  2. If you have ever had wooden floors, you know the feeling of dread when high-healed guests come to visit. You will not have to worry about nicks and scratches with tile.
  3. Take advantage of being able to install radiant heating under tile. You will love having toasty toes when winter comes around. Tile will also stay cool on hot summer days.
  4. There are limitless color and size options. You can choose a modern, clean tile or install a more rustic floor.
  5. Tile is easy to clean. Maintain tiles with a weekly mopping with soapy water.

American Naturals Wood Look Tile In Tumble Weed From Mediterranea

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