Thursday, October 27, 2011

Painted Blood Glasses

This is a sneak preview of my FOX 8 segment tomorrow morning at 8:10am. The segment will be about how to decorate for a Halloween party. These glasses can be given to your guests as party favors, they are extremely easy and INEXPENSIVE to make!

How to:

  1.        Buy glasses for $1 at the dollar store.
  2.        Wipe glasses off with rubbing alcohol.
  3.     Use Vitrea 160 glass paint to make drip marks for the appearance of blood.
  4.         Let dry 24 hours.
  5.     Put glasses in cold oven and set to bake at 325 degrees.
  6.         When oven comes to 350 degree temperature, set timer for 40 minutes.  
  7.     When timer goes off, turn off oven and open door slightly so that glasses do not cool off too quickly.

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