Tuesday, September 6, 2011


If you are looking into buying a new bedroom set, don't go all matchy matchy. A well designed room has furniture that inspires you, it dose not have furniture that looks like it came out of the same furniture catalog. Try experimenting with unusual nightstands. I bet you will end up loving them!

Click on the link to see how these nightstands were transformed

Would you rather have a bedroom set that all matched or one that was unique and true to you?


  1. I am currently redoing my guestroom and I have some really old hexagonal side tables. I was thinking of painting them some outlandish color like turquoise or silver. I agree with you when you say bedroom furniture shouldn't all match, it should be creative and fun.

  2. Hi Nadia! Silver furniture is defiantly "in" right now, turquoise would be a lovely pop of color too. Make sure you use the right kind of wood paint and always use a polyurethane at the end. Good luck!