Friday, July 29, 2011

Picture Galleries - Guest Blog by Arcadian Lighting

The living room is a great space to hang art.  Creating a picture gallery in a living room is easy.  Paintings, photographs and prints enliven a living room even if the works are by your children or photos from your latest family vacation. Art doesn't have to be expensive. Live with what you love. Here are several great examples of picture galleries in living rooms to inspire you. When hanging your own pictures don’t forget to add wall lights to illuminate it perfectly. Enjoy!

Belle Maison
A gallery wall created from black and white photographs looks smart above a sofa.  A single frame color, such as black or white, creates a unified look.

Belle Maison
A large collection uniformly framed makes a graphic picture gallery. These botanic prints look crisp and modern when hung in a large grid.

Alicia B Designs
A dark wall is a great backdrop for gold framed art works. The mass of closely hung pictures feel much grander than their individual small scale.

Tip Junkie
A plate shelf or picture shelf creates a picture gallery that is easy to change without worry of nail holes in the wall.  A mix of pictures and objects turn these shelves into mini-galleries. The yellow table lamps on either side of the sofa bring out the bright hues in several pieces of the art.


  1. Thank you Arcadian Lighting for guest blogging with us today, hope you all enjoy!

  2. Real excited to see this! Thanks again Chet!