Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going Green in the home

This segment is all about going green in your home and things that you can do to not only help the environment but recycle as well. I show off a few pieces that prove you can turn "trash into treasures" and go over some great paint and flooring pieces that show how great going green can look. Check it out below.



Monday, June 28, 2010

Transform Your Bedroom into a Serene Haven

The bedroom is the one space in your home that doesn’t need to be worthy of entertaining guests, and as a result, it often gets overlooked on the priority list when decorating. But your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place for you to escape from the rest of the world and relax. With a few simple changes, you can make your bedroom more comfortable and inviting at the end of a long day!

Shed some light. By incorporating soft, ambient lighting into the bedroom, you will create a more peaceful mood. You can opt for a dramatic ceiling fixture like the one shown above to give your room a more luxurious feel or you can use smaller scale lamps with shades or sconces on the walls and on nightstands.

Play with gray. Neutral grays like the one shown in the color palette below can instantly transform a busy, cluttered space into one that feels sleek and calming. Ivory, blue, or yellow accents also add a soft touch to any bedroom!

Cozy up. Create a seating area or a reading nook by placing an upholstered armchair and ottoman in the corner of the room or a loveseat at the foot of the bed. Use windows to your advantage to nest yourself like we see in the photo to the left.

Indulge. Add glamour to your room by using metallic and glass accents. Mirrors, frames, vases, and lamps are all great ways to incorporate a little shine. You can also make your room feel more luxurious by mixing rich fabrics such as velvet and silk when choosing curtains, upholstery, bedding, and throw pillows.

Whether you want to completely make over your bedroom or just add a few serene touches, remember to stay true to what makes you feel the most relaxed! If water soothes you, consider a small fountain in the corner of your room or driftwood on the wall. If you enjoy being outside, add natural touches such as plants, cut flowers, or even a bonsai tree. The options are limitless!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Master the Art of Layering

When deciding how to incorporate some of your favorite keepsakes, photos, and other odds and ends in a space without creating clutter, consider layering. Layering can be used when decorating any space, including a coffee table or end table, a mantle or dresser, or even an entire wall. It’s important to keep in mind that there is a fine line between creating an interesting combination of unique objects and placing objects in a random, cluttered fashion. Below are some tips that will help you master the art of layering and create a seemingly effortless look.

Use a variety of sizes and start big. Variety is key because too many bulky objects can look overstated, while a bulky object placed next to a spindly object can give you an interesting look. Find a place for the largest object, both in height and width, and then move in descending order. This doesn’t mean the tallest object. Keep in mind that you can place long, lean objects such as a lamp in front of your arrangement.

Group like objects together. To a certain degree, we expect to see objects thrown together with a layered look. So create a focal point and attract attention by grouping a few like objects in close proximity.

Play with display. You can use different display techniques by hanging some objects, stacking others, and propping a few. Notice in the photo below, some of the prints are hanging, while others are propped on the mantle.
Make it shine. A shiny surface in your arrangement breaks up a dense look and adds a unique touch without adding weight. You can incorporate glass as we see with the vases in the photo above, a metal lamp as shown in the photo below, or even a mirror.
Throw off your arrangement. Add an unexpected form to a group of similarly shaped objects with an urn or a vase, or add a bright piece to a relatively neutral arrangement. Notice how in the photo above, the orange telephone brightens the arrangement. Flowers also add a fresh, organic element, as we see in both photos.

If you have a space that needs personality, display old keepsakes from past travels, prop a mirror, frame a few photos or interesting prints, and you’re good to go. Remember there are no set rules when creating a layered arrangement, so play around and have fun!

Check out these local shops, their pieces will add flair to any arrangement!
Bella Nola

Friday, June 4, 2010

Creating a Garden Getaway

Hey guys,

We come to this segment in a time of economic downturn, which leaves many people unable to take a glamorous vacation. Instead of booking an overpriced hotel for a week, lets work with the space that we have. Moving some of your low maintenance houseplants outdoors quickly transforms your space into a plentiful garden. Orchids, Cast Iron plants, Ficus Benjamina Braid Tree and Kentia Palms are some options that are great indoor plants and may be moved to any space outdoors. With smaller plants that might hang on a wall or fence try the Bolo Clear Wall Vase by Chive to add a modern twist to either your house or your garden fence. To add some color and comfort to your patio furniture opt to reupholster your old furniture with durable Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric also can make wonderful pillows that may be carried in your home and brought outside as well such as these Polk-a-dot pillows that add great contrast to any surface or seat. Acrylic furniture is also a great alternative to patio furniture. It is easy to clean, lightweight and has a fresh clean look. A newer concept of a lounge chair is the outdoor chaise, which may be modular and may also be bought in sectionals. This new bed type furniture is great for lounging around during the hot summer days in New Orleans.