Friday, June 4, 2010

Creating a Garden Getaway

Hey guys,

We come to this segment in a time of economic downturn, which leaves many people unable to take a glamorous vacation. Instead of booking an overpriced hotel for a week, lets work with the space that we have. Moving some of your low maintenance houseplants outdoors quickly transforms your space into a plentiful garden. Orchids, Cast Iron plants, Ficus Benjamina Braid Tree and Kentia Palms are some options that are great indoor plants and may be moved to any space outdoors. With smaller plants that might hang on a wall or fence try the Bolo Clear Wall Vase by Chive to add a modern twist to either your house or your garden fence. To add some color and comfort to your patio furniture opt to reupholster your old furniture with durable Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric also can make wonderful pillows that may be carried in your home and brought outside as well such as these Polk-a-dot pillows that add great contrast to any surface or seat. Acrylic furniture is also a great alternative to patio furniture. It is easy to clean, lightweight and has a fresh clean look. A newer concept of a lounge chair is the outdoor chaise, which may be modular and may also be bought in sectionals. This new bed type furniture is great for lounging around during the hot summer days in New Orleans.



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