Wednesday, October 27, 2010

halloween Decor

Sometimes Halloween and many other holidays can seem to get a little tacky. I have some great ways to keep things stylish and classic without breaking the bank. If you are hosting a Halloween house party there is one place that you definitely need to check out. Hazelnut has many great things for the perfect party. To serve your guests wine and other drinks use this black and white skeleton decanter set. As small party favors give out festive fall scented wrapped pumpkin candles. If your guests tend to get a little messy make sure you have some Frankenstein paper napkins for them to clean up. And to add a little glitz and glam to your coffee table place this metallic skull on your coffee table. Make sure you greet yours guests in costume too by wearing one the hand made masks by the Little Shop of Fantasy. This shop offers an array of masks from leather, feathered, buckrum, and metal. This is an easy way to style it up for Halloween in good taste. 

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