Friday, September 11, 2009

Green Trend

Going green with the energy usage in your home is a great way to invest in the future and this is being quickly and silently integrated into the design and structure of most modern homes. Wood coming from forests responsibly managed, lights and refrigerators that save up to 33% of the energy, cork planking milled from naturally regenerating tree bark containing no formaldehyde.

In the first image:
1) Walls: Western red cedar paneling by Eco-Lumber Co-op comes from forests that have been certified as responsibly managed
2) Lighting: Recessed LED lights by Permlight draw 33 percent less electricity than already thrifty compact fluorescents.
3) Refrigerator: is 16 percent more energy-efficient than federal energy-use standards require.
4) Heating: Radiant heating tubes—fed by an Apricus solar water heating collector on the roof—snake through concrete floors, warming the home's interior.
5) Floor: Cork planking from Natural Cork is milled from naturally regenerating tree bark and contains no formaldehyde.

In this second image:
Eco friendly building: Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). This art school blurs the line between landscape and building. The series of roofs create great green space and helps insulate the building. It also harvests rainwater for landscape irrigation. The high performance glass fa├žade reduces solar gain and heat load, while providing great views and loads of natural light for creative spaces.

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