Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Sofa Alert! The Allie Sofa

Stop in and lounge on our new sofa at Chet Pourciau Design!

Graceful contoured track arms give this sofa an elegant but contemporary look. Foam and fibre filled cushions make it exceptionally comfortable. Stocked in a beige cotton-linen fabric with a kiln dried solid wood frame

You can also check this sofa out online at:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 accent wall ideas

There are a number of reasons why an accent wall is a good idea for your home. Accent walls can help bring color into a room as well as texture. It is also a way to highlight an architectural feature or unique element in your home.

Below are 7 accent walls that can get your creativity flowing:

1. Wood

 wood pallet accent wall. love! wonder if i could talk luke into this?


Recycling has been popular for a while now. Creating an accent wall with recycled wood not only uses otherwise wasted wood; but it's a great way to bring character, warmth and natural beauty into your space. 

2. Paint

A dark accent wall draws your eye to a large exotic tray and other curiosities.

Accent wall - flat + high gloss + handmade stencil = beautiful! DIY tutorial. *Great way to add just a little bit of something to the room. Paint the entire room in the flat paint, then do the accent wall with the high gloss. Both paints should be the same color.

The bold color scheme and patterns in this bedroom make it a unique space that really draws the eye. From West Elm. #chevron #bold #accentwall
Not only is this the least expensive way to create an accent wall; but it's also quick and easy. Use a stencil to add pattern. 

3. Wallpaper

Accent Wall & Monogramming

Brunch at Saks - Good example of using wall paper on an accent wall.  It adds to the room without the same expense or commitment as a whole room of wallpaper!
Wallpaper makes a great statement on any accent wall. Metallic wallpapers are on trend for 2014.

4. Stone

Paint Speckled Pawprints: DIY Stone Accent Wall - I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love the accent wall & pretty much just everything else too!

Natural Stone Bathroom | Spark |
A stone accent wall will add warms to any space. 

5. Tile

Mirrored tile makes a small space bright. TeamWorks Realtor Group. Call us today! 540-271-1132.

Black and white contrast

Buff Lueders Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 4
Tile comes in so many patterns and colors. This is an opportunity to create a stunning focal point in any room.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 Tips to Choose the Right Light Fixture for a Space

Lighting is very important in a well designed room. Lighting can change the mood and feel of a room. Check out the tips below to choose the right light fixture for your space

Tip 1 - Function

There are 3 basic types of lighting that every space should incorporate - Ambient, Task and Accent.

Ambient lighting gives off the general lighting in a space. Use ambient lighting buy installing chandeliers, hall way flush mounts and recessed lighting in a kitchen.

Task lighting is used to preform specific tasks and should be free of any distracting glare or shadows. Use task lighting under kitchen cabinets or displaying a desk lamp.

Accent lighting adds drama and is the main mood lighting. Use this lighting to highlight artwork or an accent wall.

Kitchen Lighting Basics

Tip 2 - Size

Make sure to buy the right size light fixture. In general, take the width and the length of the room in feet, add those two lengths together and convert to inches.  That is the basic size fixture you should purchase for the space.

For example: If your room is 10' x 14' - add 10+14=24. Your light fixture should be around 24 inches in diameter. 

Of course there are always exceptions! But this is an easy equation to use. 

Tip 3 - How High to Install?

Every fixture should be installed at different heights. Wall sconces normally are installed 60-65" from the floor and 6' apart when possible. 

Chandeliers normally are installed 30-34 inches above a table and 6 1/2 - 7' above the floor in an entry way or living room. 

Tip 4 - The Right Table Lamp

Of course there are always more rules and guidelines. BUT it's best to think ahead before buying a lamp. A 24-30" lamp works in most living spaces but it depends on how high your side tables are. The easiest way to know the right height is to sit down. The bottom of the shade should not be higher than eye level. 

Also think about the color of the shade on your lamp. A fabric or linen shade will give off more of a warm glow, where as a white shade won't. 

Tip 5 - Bulb

I actually think choosing the right light bulb is just as important as choosing the right fixture. Every light bulb puts out a certain amount of light. This is also known as lumens (do not confuse lumens with wattage, which is the amount of energy the bulb uses). If you are trying to provide light for a large space, you will want a bulb with a higher amount lumens. If you want your space to feel more intimate, choose a bulb that has less lumens. 

I'm not going to get into the DOZENS  of different types of light bulbs, especially since most lamps require an incandescent or CFL bulb. Incandescent bulbs are the common bulbs that you find at the store, they give off great color BUT are horrible when it comes to conserving energy.


CFL bulbs are what I use at my home. They are energy efficient and have a longer lifespan. In the past, designers didn't like to use CFL bulbs because they gave off a bright white light. But the technology has improved in the past years. Now you can buy a warm/soft white color bulb that will look the same as an incandescent bulb.  

Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

Tip 1 - Drapery

Floor to ceiling drapery is one of the most effective ways to make a space look like it has higher ceilings. If you install your drapery close to ceiling, it will trick you eye into looking up.

Tip 2 - Paint

Paint your walls in light colors. This will help with reflecting light in a space, making the room look larger

Tip 3 - Stripes! 

Just like hanging your drapery close to the ceiling, stripped walls will fool your eye into thinking the room is taller.

Tip 4 - Scale and Proportion. 

Make sure to buy furniture that fits the space. If you have a small bedroom and a large clunky wood bed frame, odds are, it's not going to look good. Instead, replace it with a wall hung tufted piece that will shave off a few extra inches.

Tip 5 - No Clutter. 

It's always hard to edit, but it is so important in a small space. To keep an open feel, choose a few cherished items to display and ditch the unnecessary knick-knacks.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIY Light Fixture

I saw this great DIY at this LINK and knew I had to share it! This is a fantastic example of how you can take an inexpensive light fixture and modify it into a ceiling fixture.